Product Description

MARS has developed 2D CNC TMT Rebar Bending Machine. This machine has many specialities with fast speed, high precision, zero maintenance, energy conservation, environmental protection, economic and easy to operate. etc. MARS TMT 06 CNC TMT rebar bending machine has integrated feeding and straightening and automatic bending as per the set program, greatly reducing the manual cost, improving the production, efficiency. This product's software, automatic counting, size feeding as per the requirement, and other practical functions with simple understanding, more intuitive, easily operating.


  • Frictional progressive feeding mechanism with high accuracy and no harm to steel bar rib.
  • With the function of quick bending, the high-speed bending tool has high bending performance.
  • Powerful hydraulic shearing mechanism with good reliability.
  • The controller can save 4-5 program sizes in memory.
  • Bending scope of coiled steel bar ranges from 5mm to 12mm
  • All geared drive with high accuracy and low cost of maintenance.
  • The motorized de-coiler is an integrated part of machine


Working ability Rebar: ∅5-∅6 mm
Length of straight stirrup side 80-600 mm
Maximum bending speed 52 mtr/min
Maximum bending angle 120 deg.
Length tolerance +/- 0.5 mm
Angle tolerance +/- 0.5 deg
Total power 2.25 KW
Dimension 16250 x 685 x 1425
Total weight 1200 kg